(Plastik) | Short Film

(Plastik) | Short Film EarthxTV – View the plastic pollution crisis through the eyes and imagination of a child in South East Asia. See how a child can influence her family to say no to single-use plastic. Then join us in refusing single-use in your own

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stormwater runoff

Stormwater Runoff

Prevent Chemicals, Garbage and Other Debris from Winding Up in Your Local Creeks EPA – Stormwater pollution results from materials and chemicals washed into the storm drains from streets, gutters, neighborhoods, industrial sites, parking lots and construction sites. Anything dumped or dropped on the ground or

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city of fort worth

Stormwater Pollution

Clean Water Starts With You The City of Fort Worth monitors, inspects and issues permits for construction site operations, many industrial facilities and commercial cosmetic cleaners. Unfortunately, stormwater pollution isn’t a business-only problem. Residential households are responsible for a portion of the pollutants that end up

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention – Litter

Striving towards Sustainable Environmental Excellence NCTCOG – Learn why litter is a big problem for you and the environment, and what you can do to prevent litter in the first place. Read More

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texas smartscape

Texas SmartScape: Promoting education on effective water use

You can add ease, comfort, and enjoyment to your yard or garden by using native and adapted plants Texas SmartScape – Based on water-efficient landscape principles, Texas SmartScape is a landscape program crafted to be “smart” for North Central Texas, promoting the use of plants suited

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TRWD lake levels

Urban storm water poses threat to creeks & rivers

GreenSourceDFW – On average, May is the wettest month in North Texas and with the deluge comes rainwater piling up on streets and rushing down storm drains. It’s all going back to our creeks and rivers, unfortunately taking urban pollution with it. In North Texas, all

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how to improve indoor air quality

How and Why We Need to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Upgrading ventilation, filtration and other factors helps improve health and cognitive performance Scientific American – Even though humans have long attributed health benefits to fresh outdoor air, it is a lesson many of us seemed to have largely forgotten… until the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to

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testing indoor air quality

How to Test Air Quality in Your Home

Following these tips on how to test air quality in your home can help everyone can breathe a little easier Bob Villa – The wide range of pollutants, particulates, and allergens that can affect indoor air make it difficult to create an all-inclusive list of poor

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Why indoor air quality matters

Don’t Be Storage for Contaminants! Colonial Well – For many years now, we have known that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects the health, comfort, and well-being of the individuals inside of buildings. Additionally, since air pollutants are typically felt and not seen, it can be easy

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breathing indoors

A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Concerns U.S. Consumer Product Safety Association – A growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air, and that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Thus, the risks

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