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The Urban Heat-Island Effect

Urban areas without trees can be “heat islands” Arbor Day Foundation – Planting trees in your city’s urban areas is a winning investment for the city, its citizens, and the environment. Urban areas without trees can become “heat islands,” with significantly higher temperatures than other commercial

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What is the urban heat island effect?

What role do trees play in mitigating urban heat islands and promoting health? American Forests – Why is one neighborhood hotter than another? Chances are it is because it has fewer trees. Trees help cool neighborhoods down and reduce what’s called the “urban heat island effect,”

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Causes, Effects and Solutions To Urban Heat Island

There’s so much heat in your city! Conserve Energy Future – If you pay attention to your local weather channel news, you may notice that cities or metropolitan areas are typically warmer with slightly higher temperatures compared to their adjacent rural areas. This temperature difference is

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Why It’s Usually Hotter In A City

NPR – Cities are often warmer than their suburbs because of a phenomenon called “the heat island effect.” The way a city is designed — the building materials used, the way streets are arranged, the lack of canopy — can actually sequester heat. More than half

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Addressing Dallas’ Urban Heat Island Effect

What is the Urban Heat Island? City of Dallas – Like many metropolitan areas, Dallas’ is affected by an Urban Heat Island (UHI), sometimes there is a 10-12 degree temperature difference between the inner urban and rural areas, which is caused by the large concrete areas

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