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How to become a Mineralogist

Mineralogy is the scientific study of mineral composition & properties Environmental Science – A mineralogist is a person who studies minerals, their crystalline and chemical structures, and their properties such as melting points, which technically include all naturally occurring solid substances.A mineralogist may performing chemical, heat,

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How to Find Cool Rocks in Your Backyard

Identifying rocks is a skill that can be learned with practice The Backyard Master – The main challenges people face when it comes to finding rocks in their backyard is not knowing where to look and how to identify them. Without having the right tools can

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David Houseknecht

What is a geologist?

© David Houseknecht, USGS What are the requirements for becoming a professional geologist? The American Geosciences Institute – Geologists are scientists who study the Earth’s history, nature, materials and processes, and a career in geology offers broad scope to anyone interested in the Earth and how

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sedimentary rock

Encyclopedic Entry: Sedimentary Rocks

A sedimentary rock is, by definition, composed of many, smaller rocks National Geographic – Formed from the compression of ocean sediments or other processes on or near the Earth’s surface, sedimentary rocks are one of three main types of rocks – along with igneous and metamorphic, which

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metroplex geology

Week 3: Rocks and Minerals

Earth Month 2024 – Week 3: Rocks and Minerals It’s already the third week of Earth Day activities, and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport invites you to participate in our WEEK 3 Activity Lesson – Rocks & Minerals OR download the At-Home Instructions and Supply List:Learn about:

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