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solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

(Sol) (Luna)

2024 total solar eclipseLearn about:
  • Learn what we see from our perspective on Earth during a total, partial, or annular solar eclipse.
Kit will include:
  • Kit includes all necessary materials and instructions to model a partial, annular, and total eclipse.
This kit will support one class, size 20-30 students.
Important safety note: You should never look directly at the Sun as it can damage your eyes.
Due to unprecedented demand, we are now taking ONLY Total Solar Eclipse Activity Lesson waitlist registrations.
NOTE: There is a limited quantity of STEAM Activity Lessons. Once the pre-made versions are gone, At-Home Instructions and Supply Lists for each Activity Lesson will be available.
An eclipse is an awe-inspiring celestial event that drastically changes the appearance of the two biggest objects we see in our sky: our Sun and Moon. On Earth, people can experience solar eclipses when Earth, the Moon, and the Sun line up. For more on solar eclipses, visit go.nasa.gov/Eclipses.