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DFW Airport Earth Day 2024:
Total Solar Eclipse

2024 total solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

(Sol) (Luna)

Learn about:
  • Learn what we see from our perspective on Earth during a total, partial, or annular solar eclipse.
Kit will include:
  • Kit includes all necessary materials and instructions to model a partial, annular, and total eclipse.
This kit will support one class, size 20-30 students.
Important safety note: You should never look directly at the Sun as it can damage your eyes.
NOTE: Due to unprecedented demand, we are no longer taking Total Solar Eclipse Activity Lesson registrations and we encourage you to download the At-Home Instructions and Supply List.
An eclipse is an awe-inspiring celestial event that drastically changes the appearance of the two biggest objects we see in our sky: our Sun and Moon. On Earth, people can experience solar eclipses when Earth, the Moon, and the Sun line up. For more on solar eclipses, visit go.nasa.gov/Eclipses.