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green sea turtle

Celebrate and reflect on Endangered Species Day

Celebrate the progress made to protect wildlife National Wildlife Federation – Endangered Species Day is observed each year on the third Friday of May as a way to both raise awareness of the continued plight of endangered species and celebrate those that have recovered because of

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earth hour

Give an Hour for Earth

Explore ways to give an hour for Earth World Wildlife Fund – Every year for Earth Hour, millions of people around the world unite to show that they care about the future of our planet. Regardless of your interests – whether it’s food, fitness, the arts,

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Celebrate Manatee Appreciation Day

Raising awareness about these ‘sea cows’ that live under the water Visit Florida – Manatee Appreciation Day is a day to appreciate the endangered species Trichechus manatus latirostris – the Florida manatee – and remind people about the importance of saving their habitat. Manatees are aquatic

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international day of action for rivers

Celebrate International Day of Action for Rivers

Water for Life, and NOT for Profit! International Rivers – The International Day of Action for Rivers is a day dedicated to solidarity, when diverse communities worldwide come together with one voice to affirm that rivers are vital and need our protection.Highlighting how critical access to

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the big plastic count

The Big Plastic Count

It’s hard not to feel guilty about the price our planet pays for plastic The Big Plastic Count – When most affordable products come with plastic packaging, are we as consumers really in control Well, it’s time to get serious about tackling the plastic crisis. You

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Happy World Hippo Day!

Protecting Africa’s Iconic Giants African Wildlife Foundation – Hippopotamus face a growing threat from the illegal wildlife trade, despite their imposing size and reputation for aggression. While Africa boasted a population of around 157,000 hippos in 2004, recent estimates reveal a concerning decline, underscoring the urgent

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Registration is Open!

Starting today, schools can register for STEAM Activity Lessons! Starting today, February 7th, schools are now able to register online for STEAM Activity Lessons! Designed to supplement our website, all DFW Airport Earth Day 2024 content will be freely available for the entire month of April

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north american wetlands conservation

It’s Time for Wetland Restoration Now

Protecting, restoring and enhancing wetland habitats U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Wetlands exist in every corner of our planet and are often referred to as the arteries and veins of the Earth. Wetlands act as water sources and purifiers, protect our shores, and are the

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Get ready for International Zebra Day

How to Celebrate, Where to Donate, and More Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute – You’ve probably never heard of International Zebra Day, which happens on January 31 to raise conservation awareness and show people why this animal deserves to be recognized. The goal of

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World Environmental Education Day

Celebrate World Environmental Education Day

What do you know about our planet? U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Conceived in 1972 to celebrate, learn, and help the planet that supports us, World Environmental Education Day is celebrated every January 26th to identify local and global environmental issues and raise awareness about the

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