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Clean Water Starts With You

The City of Fort Worth monitors, inspects and issues permits for construction site operations, many industrial facilities and commercial cosmetic cleaners. Unfortunately, stormwater pollution isn’t a business-only problem. Residential households are responsible for a portion of the pollutants that end up being deposited by stormwater into the creeks, rivers and lakes of the city and surrounding region.

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Stormwater Pollution

DFW Airport Earth Day 2024:
Stormwater Pollution

Water and Biodiversity:
Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3)

Learn about:
  • How human activity impacts our surface water quality through stormwater runoff, and what actions we can all take to help protect our water.
Kit will include:
  • Kit includes materials to construct your own community and simulate common stormwater pollutants. Students will collect water samples and analyze the water quality.
This kit will support one class, size 20-30 students.
NOTE: Due to unprecedented demand, we are no longer taking Stormwater Pollution Activity Lesson registrations and we encourage you to download the At-Home Instructions and Supply List.

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