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Benefits of the National Parks

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National Park Service – Exposure to nature has endless health benefits for you and the planet, and there are more ways getting out in nature and parks improves your health and wellness.

Here are a few of the health benefits of getting outdoors:

  • Smarter – Just 20 minutes in nature improves concentration and reduces the need for ADHD and ADD medications in children.
  • Stronger – Exercising in nature leads to greater health benefits than performing the same activity indoors.
  • Healthier – A 30-minute visit to a park can improve heart health, circulation and lower cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure.
  • Happier – 5 minutes walking in nature improves mood, self-esteem, and relaxation.
  • More Productive – Physical activity in a green space can improve cognitive control, short and long-term memory and overall brain function.

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